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When choosing a Corporate Wellness Plan and Provider, the two most important things are healthy & happy employees and a large ROI (Return on Investment). Study after study shows that the average ROI per dollar invested is a $3 return on a good corporate wellness plan. Key word "Good"!

We invite your business to partner with us and enhance the health of our employees, our businesses, and our community. How Can the Orange Beach Fitness Wellness Program Help Lower Healthcare Costs?

Health Risk Assessments/ Screenings

Company Wellness Profile: A tool to review demographics of your workplace, record medical data, and track overall progress.


Blood pressure, body composition, body fat, & nutrition. We also record employee’s goals, timelines, a visual of body composition changes expected, & provide a fitness trackers for employees to use.

Employee Follow-up

Exercise program, establishing health & fitness goals, & recognizing medical issues

Awareness Programs

We will send you weekly fitness tips, articles, exercises, recipes, & news updates of the progress of employee contests.

Social Media: Orange Beach Fitness has great success with social media such as Facebook group pages & blogs. This gives the employees opportunities to get excited and brings about morale by interacting with one another for sharing exercises, nutrition tips, recipes, & accomplishments!

Orange Beach Fitness Premier Online Nutrition: Your employees enter the foods that they eat into our online system. Our system then points out problems in their diet, and  teaches them how to improve by removing, or adding foods.

Group Fitness Classes: High Definition Workouts: High Definition Cycle, High Definition Butt, Guts, & Thighs, High Definition Boot Camp

Perks Program-

Challenges, Lunch & Learns, Seminars on Health & Wellness

Establish a point system within your company and win prizes for attendance.

Fit employees save companies money:

  • 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism

  • 26% reduction in use of the health care benefit

  • 30% reduced worker's comp clams and disability management

  • Corporate fitness center participants had 1.3 days fewer short-term disability claims

  • Employers who invest in work-site health can see a return of $3-$6 for every dollar invested.

  • On average, health care claim costs for IBM employees who exercise 1- 2 times a week are $350 a year less than those who don't exercise at all.

I want to emphasize- people pay for these cheap memberships to “big box” gyms and never use them, at Bodies By Cindy we believe in quality of life and we give you the accountability you need to reach your fitness goals. We not only work with you on your fitness goals, but overall health and


There are tons of big box corporate wellness companies that will provide you with the same boring cookie cutter approach. This is where the Orange Beach Fitness Wellness Team rises above the rest. The reason most corporate programs fail is because there is no accountability and the workouts become boring! No one sticks to a workout program if it becomes mundane. The idea is to bring in fresh ideas and exercises to better their minds and body which leads to greater health & fitness in their lives. Orange Beach Fitness is a locally owned company and our team is some of the most accredited and qualified trainers anywhere in the country. We handle local businesses, along with companies nationwide. Our team is the most professional, personable, and passionate trainers you'll find anywhere! We have an open door policy for your employees if they have questions regarding their nutrition or exercise plan.


Imagine a workplace that’s physically energized, emotionally connected, and mentally focused! We know successful leaders look at their employees as an investment. Top organizations spend a great deal of time and money to help them improve their knowledge and skills. There is another element that truly great companies have and that is finding ways to help employees improve all aspects of their lives. Let’s face it, most of us spend the majority of our lives at work. If a company can create an atmosphere of optimism and an overall enjoyment for such a large part of their employees’ lives, it can’t help but make a business better. When businesses support a healthier workforce every aspect of the company improves too. People become more productive, work harder, focus more, have far fewer sick days and health claims, and stay with companies longer.